$2 MOFT – Thin and light laptop stand.

My first post with any real content! Woohoo, the journey of 1000 miles begins with a few strokes of the keyboard? I never know how to begin these things. However, one of my fascinations is the joy of gadgets. I do a lot of personal and professional traveling and love to try out new gadgets on the run. I ran across MOFT on Facebook about two years ago when they began their crowdfunding campaign for the MOFT, an invisible laptop stand. Basically, it’s so thin and light that you cannot tell you’re carrying it. The first models would stick to the bottom of your laptop in order to carry it anywhere with you. I’m not a fan of sticking things to my Pixelbook so I didn’t want to purchase one at the time. Lo and behold they created a standalone “Universal Version”. It slides into my laptop bag right next to my Pixelbook, no fuss no muss. I absolutely love it. The stand provides two levels for your laptop and is extremely easy to use and setup. This morning they sent me a referral link that will get you $2.00 off. If you use it I get $2.00 off as well. Honestly, I don’t need another one, but I encourage you to grab one if you like to travel or just want something small and light to use with your daily driver.



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