New Content [In Progress]

I know, there’s been no content since the Lenovo Chromebook Duet was announced in early 2020. It’s been an insane year and an half since then. I can’t make any specific excuses other than my general slackness. Thankfully, since that time I’ve been blessed to write up reviews for the Duet among a bunch of other products. I’ll be updating the reviews with an eye on 2021 and whether they’ve held up from my original thoughts. Hopefully, along with those, new reviews, and some new gameplay stuff I’m working on over on my YouTube channel, DadPlays, I’ll have a ton of content to share over the next couple of months. Unless, it’s already 2022 and there’s still nothing new…



Geeky dad and husband. I strive to be a Godly man and leader. I've worked in FinTech over 15 years and still love it!

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